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Schools supporting transitioning youth and adult service providers can find countless opportunities for vocational training at OASIS Farm.  OASIS offers its venues at no charge to any group or individual interested in experiences related to farm life.   Some of the most popular farm activities depicted here include crop preparation, care and harvest, composting, building and grounds maintenance, paper shredding and creating salable products from papershred.

Planting seedlings

Preparations for Spring planting take place throughout Autumn and Winter.  

Areal of Farm

The 14 acre venue allows groups and individuals to farm and learn collaboratively or to manage a patch of land as their own.

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The organic compost used to fertilize crops requires frequent turning and replenishing.  Paper shred is often added as a recycled base.

Mowing cropped2

Groups who can provide vocational training in the use of farm machinery are able to practice these skills at OASIS Farm.


General building and grounds maintenance is ongoing at OASIS.


Learning to care for crops is an important activity throughout the growing season.

Three young men work on making papercrete pottery.

Papercrete pottery is a popular farm activity throughout the year.


Harvest time is a much anticipated and “tasty” learning experience at OASIS.

Paper fire bricks

Paper firebricks and other salable shred products are the outgrowth of the document shredding done at OASIS year round.